Rowan Laxton, back in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

There is a great deal of relevance to Engage readers on Harry’s Place – too much to link to it all, but for a sample go and read Denry’s Freedom of Information request, and his discoveries about what happened to Rowan Laxton. Rowan Laxton became so angry about injustices against Palestinians that he started cussing about Jews as if one thing followed from the other.

You can question whether he should have been convicted for shouting about “fucking Jews” and blowing Israelis “off the face of the fucking Earth”, but after such an eruption of hateful bigotry – back in the FCO?

Senior diplomat arrested for losing it with “fucking Jews”

Rowan Laxton

Rowan Laxton

The Times:

“News reports today said that Rowan Laxton, 47, allegedly shouted “f***ing Israelis, f***ing Jews” while watching television reports of the Israeli attack on Gaza last month.”

He is – remains – a senior diplomat in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. But who’s going to take him seriously now?

David T adds to a piece by Brett on Harry’s Place:

“This is a HUGELY serious matter. Rowan Laxton is responsible for foreign policy is South Asia: i.e. in Pakistan and India. The Evening Standard reports:

Mr Laxton is still working as normal as head of the South Asia Group at the Foreign Office. He is responsible for all the UK’s diplomacy in that area and for briefing Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who is Jewish.”

Sid on Pickled Politics:

“I think this is far more serious than Carol Thatcher’s “golliwog” comment.

When discussions on PP turns to matters in Zimbabwe, as they sometimes do, I am yet to hear anyone making a comment on the lines of “Mugabe, that fucking n****r!”. And if there were, I am pretty sure that the outrage would be universal and correct from commenters across the board, as it should be. But it is now commonplace to see racist material against Israeli leaders or Jewish people whenever the discussion has turned to the I/P affair, as it often has in the last 2 months.”

Joshua Rozenberg on the application of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act.

Update 28/02 – The FCO has suspended him pending disciplinary.

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