The Lib Dem Baroness, Her Patronage And David Duke.

Modernity over at Modernity Blog asks the following with regard to Baroness Tonge’s patronage of The Palestine Telegraph and the fact that it’s front page contains a rant by former KKK Grand Wizard, David Duke.

So I wonder how will she react when she sees David Duke’s face on the front of the Palestinian Telegraph’s web site?

Will she condemn it? Or will she try to excuse it away?

I would hope that even Baroness Tonge is familiar with David Duke, neo-Nazi and onetime grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan?

Surely she would realise why it is a very bad idea for the Palestinians’ cause to be associated with such a despicable professional racist and arch antisemite.

What type of editorial process goes on in the Palestinian Telegraph which means it finds it acceptable to post a David Duke video ? Unbelievable. What racist filth.

HT to Modernity Blog and HP.

UPDATE : According to Matthew Harris at the JC blog, Jenny Tonge has emailed the Palestine Telegraph to say that she no longer wishes to be a patron and wants her name to be removed from their website”.

The David Duke video has been taken down.

At the moment George Galloway is now listed as a patron.

5 Responses to “The Lib Dem Baroness, Her Patronage And David Duke.”

  1. Absolute observer Says:

    Apparently JT has asked to be removed as a patron of the PT.
    I guess her “principles” go no further than being offended by the messenger rather than the message; after all, she defends the idea that “Zionists” control the Lib Dems as well as the “blood libel”; not that far from the KKK’s views of “Zionists”.

  2. Max Says:

    “after all, she defends the idea that “Zionists” control the Lib Dems as well as the “blood libel”; not that far from the KKK’s views of “Zionists”

    In fact, virtually indistinguishable.

    The question is: is she resigning as patron because she doesn’t wish to be associated with a dirty Nazi, or because the association may damage her already tattered career even further?

    Thanks for the update Absolute – I posted a blog about this story earlier.

  3. Bill Says:

    Would this be an example of “how did THAT happen?” And now it will be followed by a “WHAT David Duke video?”

  4. modernity Says:

    The thing I don’t understand is, what would you have to do if you were a Lib Dem Peer to get kicked out of the party?

    Baroness Tonge has made veiled racists comments for years and yet the Lib Dems couldn’t see the issue.

    What would you have to do to be expelled?

  5. Gil Says:

    The reason that Baroness Tonge has acted is because we are in the midst of an election campaign. Also, in last night’s debate, Nick Clegg attacked the David Cameron on the Tory association with antisemitic groups in the European Parliament.

    Funny that! Has he forgotten which party Baroness Tonge belongs to? Not to mention her exoneration by Lord Wallace when speaking at the Board of Deputies?

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