Norman Geras isn’t well.  Everyone associated with Engage wishes him the very best.norman_geras_140x140

He has written with clarity and commitment about contemporary antisemitism for longer than Engage has been in existence.  He writes about lots of other things too.

On Alibi Antisemitism – major piece in fathom.  (Jan 2013)

On Greg Philo’s work which says that Israel’s view of things dominates the media.  (Jun 2011)

On Jon Pike’s resignation from UCU.  (June 2009)

It doesn’t matter if criticism of and attitudes to Israel are anti-Semitic, so long as they are also anti-Zionist.  (April 2009)

On Antony Lerman and the ‘one state solution’.  (April 2009)

On Seaumas Milne’s apologetics for Ahmadinejad. (April 2009)

On the Israel-Nazi comparison.  (April 2009)

On accusations made against Israel of war crimes.  (Feb 2009)

Why a boycott would be antisemitic (in response to Martin Shaw). (Sep 2008)  More on Martin Shaw.  (September 2008)    And more still on Shaw (Oct 2008).

On resigning from UCU.  (July 2008)

On Tony Judt.  (Feb 2008)

On Norman Finkelstein and academic freedom.  (June 2007)

On Steven Rose.  (June 2006)

On Jews for Justice for Palestinians.  (April 2006)  And also here on JFJFP.  (August 2006)

On singling out Israel.  (June 2005)

(I’m sure there’s lots more… link to favourites in the comments perhaps?   dh)

5 Responses to “Norm”

  1. Bataween Says:

    So sorry to hear this. Norm , if you’re listening – Point of No Return (profiled on Normblog) wishes you a speedy and full recovery.

  2. Jacob Arnon Says:

    I have been reading Professor Norman Geras for a number of years and he is one of the very few that I have learned from. He belongs to the company of Isaiah Berlin.

    I hope he recovers fully.

    Thanks for giving us an update of his condition.

  3. Jessica Goldfinch Says:

    All the very best & get well soon.
    החלמה מהירה

    Jessica Goldfinch (fan!)

  4. James Says:

    Best wishes to Norm for a speedy recovery

  5. Sara Says:

    Dear Norm wishing you all the very best for a full and speedy recovery

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