Documentary film on antisemitism in the Labour Party and the Chakrabarti Inquiry

A new film written and presented by David Hirsh, on antisemitism in the Labour Party, is being launched today at the Jewish community centre in London, JW3.

The film features a number of familiar people who have been involved in the Engage network over the years, including Robert Fine, Eve Garrard, Christine Achinger, and Lesley Klaff.

People will remember that back in the Spring of 2016, the issue of Labour antisemitism was emerging into the public domain; a crescendo of incidents were coming to light of Labour activists and elected officials having said antisemitic things.  And then Ken Livingstone started doing the rounds of the TV and radio studios pushing his old nonsense about the links between Hitler and Zionism.

Jeremy Corbyn asked Shami Chakrabarti to hold an inquiry.  Some of us took her seriously; but perhaps the real purpose of the inquiry was to kick the whole issue into the long grass.

Shami Chakrabarti asked concerned people to write submissions about their experiences of antisemitism in the party and about how they understood the issue.

This film gives a voice to a number of people who took the trouble to write submissions but who felt that their voices were not listened to.

The film is produced by Judith and Ged Ornstein and by Ollie Anisfeld and JTV.

The film will go live online at 8pm today, 26 June, as it is shown at JW3, on this link:

A book has also been published as part of this project, edited by Judith Ornstein, which contains a number of the written submissions to the Chakrabarti Inquiry.

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