French “antizionist” Dieudonné to stand for European Parliament

Report in Le Monde.

3 Responses to “French “antizionist” Dieudonné to stand for European Parliament”

  1. Albatros Says:

    this story, once again, illustrates the usefulness of the magic word “Antizionist”:

    you may want to free the Republic from “zionist mafia organizations” such as CRIF (, Conseil représentatifs des institutions juives de France) and chase them away, you may invite an holocaust denier -Mr Faurisson- in your theatre and have him applauded by your public, you may describe the commeration of the Shoah as “memorial pornography”, you may have lines in your shows such as “my apologies, o chosen people… up your ass!” []

    … as long as you define yourself as a concerned antizionist democrat, you’ll be allowed to stand for election, and some people will be happy to give you their vote.

    Dieudonné, of course, is not a Jew-hater: some of his co-candidates are “Antizionist Jews”, he said to Le Monde.

    My opinion on this candidacy: Dieudonné craves for attention. He needs it to advertise his shows (he owns a small théâtre in Paris). Flirting with National Front or Faurisson is not only about politics and fighting the “Zionist mafia”: it’s also a way to get attention from the media from time to time. Posing as a candidate does the trick (he did it already in 2006, 2004, 2002, 2000, 1998 and 1997).

  2. Karl Pfeifer Says:

    If you read French, look at this text by the French journalist Caroline Fourest. Diendonne is using a double measure. He is taking the liberty to show Jews as Nazis, but is against caricatures about Islamists.

  3. Karl Pfeifer Says:

    a good discussion between the extreme rightist Alain Soral and Caroline Fourest

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