Spot the Difference

The following quote comes from a far-right antisemitic hate site,

“OUTRAGE TOWARDS ANYONE WHO PROFFERS VALID CRITICISM of Jewish affairs is the continual accepted response by world Jewry. But for a Gentile to be “outraged” by Jewish apartheid in Israel, Jewish genocide in Gaza, Jewry’s applause of Gazan genocide, & Jewish control of American & European political life, is to be slandered, vilified, and to have his or her job and life in jeopardy.”

The following quote comes from the liberal newspaper the Guardian, reviewing a book by Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy,

“And then there follows the even more depressing knowledge that anyone who raises any objections to Israel’s behaviour and policies is going to be slandered as an antisemite………….Well, I know what’s going to happen now. I and the blameless Review section of this newspaper will be denounced as either Hamas stooges, antisemites, or both.”

Now, spot the difference between the answer each gives to the question of what happens if you “dare” criticise Israel? (Please keep in mind one is a racist, the other a liberal)