Key arguments against the campaign for an academic boycott of Israel – Engage

Alan Johnson: The case against Boycott of Israel.  VIDEO. (2014)

David Hirsh on The American Studies Association boycott resolution, academic freedom and the myth of the institutional boycott. (2014)

Michael Yudkin’s argument against the academic boycott campaign.  click here.  (2007)

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

David Hirsh on the antisemitism which comes with the boycott campaign. Experiences from UCU  (2013)

Cure worse than the disease: academic boycott of Israel in the light of the academic boycott of South Africa – Mira Vogel (2007)

Mira Vogel on PACBI (2008)

Engage response to BRICUP [PDF] (2007)

Ben Gidley on the antisemitism which comes in the wake of the boycott campaign:  The Case of Anti-Semitism in the University and College Union (2011)

Robert Fine responds to Desmond Tutu’s call for a boycott of Israel in the South African Mail & Guardian  (2010)

Robert Fine in debate about boycotting Israel, “the apartheid state”. (2008)

Antisemitism, Boycotts and Freedom of Speech – Robert Fine (2007)

Hirsh, David. 2012. Portia, Shylock and the exclusion of Israeli actors from the global cultural community. Engage, [Article]

Hirsh, David. 2011. No such thing as victimless boycott. Mail and Guardian, South Africa, p. 14. [Article]

Hirsh, David. 2007. Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism: Cosmopolitan Reflections. Working Paper. Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism (YIISA) Occasional Papers, New Haven, CT

Resignations from UCU over the issue of the academic boycott of Israel.

Raphael Cohen-Almagor (2013)

Norman Finkelstein’s Attack on the BDS Movement

For an Engage archive on the Israel / Apartheid analogy click here.

Boycott Israel? Desmond Tutu, David Newman, Neve Gordon, David Hirsh, Robert Fine, Ran Greenstein, Uri Avnery, Farid Essack.  here.  (Oct 2010)

The University of Johannesburg Boycott, here.  (May 2011)

Colin Schindler shows how a boycott hinders his ability to do his job to teach the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Read it here. (June 07)

Eric Lee argues a boycott is no way to help the Palestinians here. (June 07)

Anthony Julius and Simon Schama’s argument against John Berger’s boycott call. Here. (Dec 06)

Paul Frosh’s contrast between boycott and joint work. Here. (Nov 06)

A detailed critique of PACBI‘s (Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel) call for “BDS” – “Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions”. Here. (Sep 06, David Hirsh)

Jon Pike’s arguments for voting against the Natfhe 2006 motion. Here. (May 06)

David Hirsh’s arguments for voting against the 2006 Natfhe motion. Here.  (May 06)

David Hirsh’s response to the passing of the Natfhe motion: Don’t get mad, get even. Here. (May 06)

Jon Pike’s discussion of boycotts. The distinction between ‘boycott as solidarity and boycott as punishment’. Critique of Jaqueline Rose’s case for boycott. Here|. (Sep 05)

The myth of the institutional boycott. The boycott campaign pretends that it is boycotting institutions when really it proposes a boycott of individuals. Read Jon Pike’s analysis. Here. (February 06)

Making Emotional Sense of the Proposed Boycotts against Israeli Academics and Intellectuals – Catherine B. Silver (2007)

Steve Cohen’s response to the McCarthyite political test that Natfhe voted to apply to Israeli academics. Here. (May 05)

Live Dangerous – Shop at Marks and Spencers.  (2006)

Hirsh’s speech and reports from his debate with Ilan Pappe, pro-boycott professor at Haifa University, on the issue of the boycott. At Birmingham AUT. Here.  (Nov 05)

David Hirsh responds to a supporter of the boycott. Here. (Sep 06)

David Hirsh looks closely at what Steven Rose says on Radio 4’s Today programme. Here. (September 06)

John Strawson’s 2005 argument against the boycott campaign.

Engage’s original founding statement.  2005.

Another version of who we are. 

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  1. Jacob Arnon Says:

    Has anyone seen this?

    “French High Court: BDS is a Form of Illegal Hate Speech”

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