Celebration of Steve Cohen’s life

This piece, by Jonathan Kalmus, is from The Jewish Chronicle

Corrie star remembers Manchester campaigner

Coronation Street star Julie Hesmondhalgh was among friends and family who remembered a radical-left Manchester Jewish campaigner whose book spurred MP John Mann to chair the Parliamentary Committee against Antisemitism.

Steve Cohen, who died in March, described himself politically as a “dangerous Jew”. An immigration-law barrister from Prestwich, he set up the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, fighting legal battles for asylum seekers.

Historian Bill Williams recalled him as a highly controversial character. “The immigrant community have lost a fearless campaigner and we have lost an anti-racism campaigner,” Mr Williams said after the memorial meeting.

In 1984, Mr Cohen wrote That’s Funny You Don’t Look Antisemitic, a book exposing antisemitism within far-left and anti-Zionist political campaigns.

Its reappearance on the website of anti-boycott group Engage prompted Mr Mann to comment: “Steve was a great man. His book is responsible for my preparedness to take on the All- Party Parliamentary Committee on Antisemitism work.”

This piece, by Jonathan Kalmus, is from The Jewish Chronicle

10 Responses to “Celebration of Steve Cohen’s life”

  1. Stan Bantu Says:

    It’s all gone pretty dead on this blog…..perhaps that’s because anyone who writes the truth about Israel has their post denied by the moderator….

  2. zkharya Says:

    Hi Stan Bantu. May I ask whether or not you are Ben White?

  3. Richard Gold Says:

    Steve Cohen was a dear friend of mine. If you want to pick an argument Stan then do it on another thread as i don’t want Steve’s memory cheapened by your brawling.

    So go play on another thread Stan.

  4. Comrade T Says:

    Yes, Stan.

    You got it.

    There is only One Truth about Israel – with which you appear to be blessed.

    Therefore, as part of ZOG, Engage cannot but do all it can to stop that One Truth from getting out.

    It looks like you have blown Engage’s cover. Damn

    Of course, it could be that Engage is not about Israel but about antisemitism. But, hey, I am sure that you know the Truth about that too – that Engage (as a paid up (geddit) member of ZOG, we only raise the issue of antisemitism to slince Troofers such as yourself.

    Oh, and real class posting this on an in memoriam post to Steve Cohen, real class.

  5. Stan Bantu Says:

    Zog eh? Irony be damned. Looks like you are doing the very thing Engage claims does not happen on its site: making accusations of anti-semitism to those critical of Israel.

  6. Stan Bantu Says:

    And by the way, I did apologise to Richard Gold for the inadvertent disrespect to Steve Cohen (I had not read this post when I left that comment re an earlier post). As seems to be the pattern however, the apology was bumped by the moderator.

  7. Comrade T Says:


    Not sure what’s going on here. In you earlier post you clained to have the “Truth” about Israel, now you are claiming you are merely a “critic”. Not the same thing at all.

    The idea of Jews denying the “Truth” is an old and familiar slur (now used in the context of Israel) which you just repeated.

    However, to be clear, I have no idea who you are. I have no idea if you are an antisemite or not. I make no call on that.

    All I will say is that your accusation against Engage as hiding/denying the “Truth” is a common one made against Jews. It is now also a common one made against “ZIonists” (i.e. “dishonest Jews”). It fits into a narrative of antisemitism as does the language of “Truth” which you use at your convenience.

    So, for someone who is so sloppy about the meaning of words, how do you think anyone can take you seriously as a “critic” (or should that be “Troofer”).

    Now, off you go, and take your straw man with you; the idea that “Engage is a Zionist site” “Anyone who dare be “critical” of Israel is labelled an antisemitic”, etc. etc. I’m sure it plays well with other Troofers. But, for the rest of us, the real world beckons.

  8. Comrade T Says:

    And on Stan’s confusion as to the meaning of “critical” and “Truth” see Jacobson’s speech at an Egnage meeting a while back (maybe someone can provide the link).

  9. Comrade T Says:

    “(I had not read this post when I left that comment re an earlier post).”

    I can sympathise for Stan on this. After all, eading anything – let alone a post on Engage – is always an obstacle for those who have the Truth.

    Facts be damned, eh?

  10. Richard Gold Says:

    Right , Stan Bantu and Comrade T. I’ve posted all the comments i’ve seen from you both (while i’ve been moderating). So enough , both of you -go debate on another thread.

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