David Hirsh, Seumas Milne and Martin Shaw

These to and fro discussions are worth looking at again:

David Hirsh and Seumas Milne

David Hirsh and Martin Shaw

(A couple of the links here are broken.  This is Hirsh’s piece against the academic boycott in Democratiya 13.  This is the response and discussion in Democratiya 14)

Jews are part of the ruling class?

Perhaps that is why we don’t need to worry about antisemitism?

See this, via Norm, about Anthony Julius.

See also this little piece of evidence, resulting from a freudian slip:  forgetting to mention the Jews when listing victims of the Holocaust.

See also this connection from the Jews responsible for the financial crisis, back to Mr. Ruling Class him self, Anthony Julius, and via him to the ‘Zionists’ who have implanted themselves into the Labour movement.

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