The Half Decents: Rock and roll across the political divide for Syria relief – David Toube

Half-Decents-300x154Some causes transcend political barriers. The plight of those trapped between the murderers of the Islamic State and the slaughter at the hands of Assad’s forces is one of those issues

About six months ago, a group of bloggers and political commentators decided to put on a charity gig to raise money for  Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) and their vital work in the region.

On Saturday, 6 December, the gig will take place at Theatre Delicatessen on the Farringdon Road.

Dubbed ‘The Half Decents’, our ad-hoc band will perform a familiar blend of rock classics and blues standards, with a sprinkling of indie pop.

The Facebook Event page is here.

We’re asking anybody who wants to attend to donate at least £10 to Medecins Sans Frontiers, via this special JustGiving Fundraising Page.

The Half Decents is made up of Davis Lewin (Henry Jackson Society), Paul Evans (Slugger O’Toole), David Osler (ex Tribune), David Toube (Harry’s Place), Brett Lock (ex OutRage!) and Adam Barnett (East London Advertiser).

Veteran semi-reformed Trot David Osler would love to see you there to witness his striking Johnny Cash impersonation. He points out:

“The Half Decents are probably the only band in the world to feature Marxist/neocon twin lead guitars. The gig should be unmissable for that alone.”

Davis Lewin, from the Henry Jackson Society, notes:

“Never before has so much political and musical disagreement come together so harmoniously and with such fun in a tight(ening) package of era-busting rock, blues, country and pop songs.  Music is a wonderful antidote and restorer of sanity in the face of such a gravely imperfect world.  To combine it with our shared political commitment to the cause of MSF’s work to alleviate Syria’s suffering may only be a miniscule contribution in a sea of horror.  But it affords a tangible opportunity to make a small contribution by harnessing the joy of a good groove.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world and nor should you!”

Starry eyed political idealist and democracy nerd, Paul Evans would also love to see you there:

“Not only are we aiming to raise a hefty figure to help the good people of Syria through an experience that few of us could even imagine, we will also be exposing the good people of Farringdon to another, different kind of hell a baptism in the holy waters of Rock’n’Roll.”

Brett Lock, formerly of OutRage! observes:

“I’ve always believed that most committed writers and campaigners do so from a position of genuine concern for the world and in good faith, whatever their political or ideological differences. Meeting every Sunday to rehearse with this group of people has been a huge pleasure. We united around getting a Chuck Berry song right. We then united to include both a Smiths and a Guns & Roses song. But most importantly we united to make our small but practical gesture to assist MSF deliver some humanitarian aid where it is desperately needed.”​

We’d love to see as many readers and fellow bloggers there as possible. Please cross post this post, and please come along to see us.

The event is hosted by 89Up, the campaigns and public affairs agency.

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