Think before you hit “reply all”

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JERUSALEM (JTA) — An Iranian soccer federation official reportedly resigned after his office sent New Year’s greetings to Israel.

Mohammad-Manour Azimzadeh, who heads the Iran Football Federation’s foreign relations office, quit over the gaffe, and the federation’s president apologized, according to reports.

The foreign relations office had sent New Year’s greetings to all members of FIFA, soccer’s global federation, but forgot to omit Israel, which is called the “Zionist entity,” from its list.

Israel’s soccer federation replied positively to the message, according to reports.

Iranian athletes do not compete against Israeli athletes, including in the Olympics.

This piece is from

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  1. PCG Says:

    Shouldn’t it be a requirement of all members of international sporting associations and all participants in international sporting events that they acknowledge the existence of other members?

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