Are you antisemtic? – From Talking Squid

from talking squid

from talking squid

3 Responses to “Are you antisemtic? – From Talking Squid”

  1. David Schraub Says:

    This is very complicated. I think the UCU could come up with a simpler one:

    (1) Do you identify as “left”?
    Yes: Congratulations, you’re not anti-Semitic!

    No: (2) Does your hostility to Jews include hostility to Israel?

    Yes: Congratulations, you’re an honorary part of the “global left”, and not anti-Semitic!

    No: You might be anti-Semitic. Or might not. With no link to Israel, I suddenly find myself bored about this conversation.

  2. Bialik Says:

    You’re both right.

  3. Lynne T Says:

    I think the flow chart is brilliant and will share with friends.

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