Attempt to firebomb UK synagogue – and other antisemitic indidents

This piece, by Craig Silver, is from the Jewish Chronicle.

An attempt was made to firebomb a London synagogue at the weekend in a protest against Israel’s actions in Gaza.

The attack, just before midnight on Sunday, at Brondesbury Synagogue in Willesden, North-West London, was the most serious of 25 antisemitic incidents that have occurred since Israel launched its operation on December 27.

Firemen were called to put out a fire that had been started at the front door of the United Synagogue premises. A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said the fire had almost certainly been started by an accelerant. An empty petrol can had been found nearby.

According to a Community Security Trust spokesman, the attackers attempted to smash a window and throw in a petrol bomb but were prevented from doing so by protective security film. “They then attempted to set light to the front door with petrol, causing damage to the exterior,” he said.

The police spokesperson said they were aware of three youths, described as Asian and aged between 16 and 23, seen in the area of the synagogue, though they were not seen starting the fire. Police in Brent have appealed for witnesses to come forward.

In North-West London, a gang of between 15 and 20 youths rampaged down Golders Green Road last Wednesday trying to force their way into Jewish restaurants and shops. A motorist was dragged from his car and assaulted. The following day, another car was driven up and down the road while its occupants shouted antisemitic slogans.

Graffiti has appeared on communal buildings in North-East London and in Jewish areas in Manchester. Jewish organisations and individuals have also been the targets of graffiti and abuse, via post and e-mail.

Demonstrations and rallies protesting against Israel’s actions in Gaza were held in a number of UK centres on Saturday. About 2,000 demonstrators in Central London tried to reach the Israeli embassy.

After clashes with police, 13 people were arrested for public order offences.

Press release from B’nai B’rith Europe:

B’nai B’rith Europe condemns recent damage to and attempted arson of synagogues in Toulouse, Toulon, Metz, Charleroi and Brussels, of a Jewish school in Brussels, of cars and shops belonging to Jews in the Kremlin Bicetre (France), in Toulon (France), Brussels and Antwerp (Belgium).

B’nai B’rith Europe urges the authorities to make every effort to identify and question those responsible for these unspeakable acts of vandalism. This new outbreak of anti-Semitic violence is linked to many anti-Israeli demonstrations held throughout Europe following Israel’s decision to respond to Hamas terrorist attacks, organised by people close to the radical Islamist movement.

B’nai B’rith Europe is requesting that all European governments ensure that every effort will be made to avoid the exporting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into Europe, which is causing inter-community tensions.

5 Responses to “Attempt to firebomb UK synagogue – and other antisemitic indidents”

  1. NIMN Says:

    “Pick n mix n apply where applicable.

    a Well, Israel is responsible;
    b. not in my name; Israel have made it worse for Jews everywhere, considering what they are doing in Gaza they can hardly complain;
    c. considering what is going on in Gaza this is hardly worth talking about;
    d. well, Israel bomb schools, what can they expect; how can you expect Palestinian refugees in Denmark not to be hate Jews considering what is being done to there families in Gaza;
    e. maybe if the Danish Jews condemned Israel’s actions, that would change things.”

    Just refer to the identifying letter to avoid unnecessary time.

  2. NIMN Says:

    Oh and let me add,
    f. If Jews attack Muslims then how can they complain if they are also attacked
    g. by not coming out publically, but demonstrating in support of Israel British Jews have allowed them seen to be “participants of the conflict”.

  3. Howard Fredrics Says:

    Supporters of Israel need to come out in full force and express their support for the action against Hamas. We need to not be afraid and to stand tall and strong to defend the right of Israel to defend itself against rocket attacks.

    Don’t forget, however, to bring something to protect yourself from anti-Semitic agitators. You might need it from the way things are going in the UK these days.

  4. D.L. Says:

    This was my experience of anti-Semitism in London on Wednesday as reported by Melanie Phillips.

  5. ra Says:

    How do the good folks at New York Indymedia respond?

    Here’s how:

    Jan 13, 2009 06:28AM EST
    thats great
    New Yorkers need to stop the hating crimes against working class Latinos and step up the hate crime against billionare Jews!


    It would be bad enough if it were just the usual idiots and nazis who take advantage of the open publishing to write such trash, but unfortunately it’s often the moderators who write this garbage.

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